Day 1: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Global Sustainability Panel Session

Olga Dominguez – Former Assistant Administrator for Strategic Infrastructure, NASA HQ : Sustainability – A Global Proposition

Denise Thaller – Director of the Environmental Management Division (EMD) at NASA 

Nathalie Meusy – Expert in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy Department, ESA: Space for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability for the Space Sector
Session Chair: Nathalie Meusy, Expert in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy Department, ESA

Brian Greene, CASIS : The ISS National Lab: An Innovative Science Platform to Benefit Life on Earth

Gonçalo Cardeal, Instituto Superior Técnico : Eco-efficiency in the Aerospace Industry

Shelia Neumann, PhD , University of Texas at Arlington : Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Commercial Space Transportation Activities in the United States

Emily Conner , BAH : Development and Application of Innovative Tools and Data Analytics in Support of Federal Agency Sustainability Goals

Hugo Hilario, Mayor , Municipio Ponte de Sor : Video Presentation

Day 2: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Materials / Processes / Propellants / REACH
Session Chair: Matt Rothgeb, UDRI

Matt Rothgeb , UDRI : Coatings, Corrosion and Erosion Program and Capabilities

Dayna Lamb , Enbio, Ltd. : CoBlast, an Innovative Environmentally Friendly Metal Surface Technology

Lénia Calado , University of Lisbon : Protection of Magnesium Alloys as Lightweight Materials for Applications in the Aerospace Industry

David Borth , UDRI : Non-Destructive Evaluation of Coatings using SKP

Christine E. Sanders, Research Chemist
Center for Corrosion Science & Engineering , Navy Research Laboratory : Development of Combined Effects Test Methodology for Improved Aircraft Material Survivability

Chris Tompkins, CSP Director, EH&S SPACE & INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS , HARRIS CORPORATION : Systemic Sustainable Solutions

Mr. Paavo Heiskanen, REACH Officer Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality , ESA : Impact of REACH Regulation on European Space Industry

Energy for Space Activity
Session Chair: Marc Mueller-Stoffels, denamics
Co-Chair: Joan Hughes, Agency Energy Program Manager, NASA HQ

Gonçalo Mendes, PostDoctoral Researcher , LUT School of Energy Systems, Finland : Techno-economic adoption of community microgrid systems: Lessons learned and potential for Space

Márcia Sofia da Silva Santos , Engenharia da Universidade do Porto : Microbially-charged electrochemical fuel in BES for energy storage in a redox flow cell

Nathan Adams, Director, Technology and Business Development , ABB, Microgrids and Energy Storage : Improving Resiliency and Economic Operation Through Microgrids

Narayanan Sankar , Microgrids Lab : (Title in Works)

Marc Mueller-Stoffels , denamics : Community Energy Storage and P2P Electricity Trading

Day 3: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Security (Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber-Security, Data Security, Risk Assessments)
Session Chair: Perry Gayle, AECOM

Ken Golovko, Komal Dewan, Kenneth Teeter , AECOM : Application of Energy Resiliency in support of Mission Security

Steve Worley , City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department : A History of Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Attacks and How to Address the Future

Terrell Brown, SCADA Cybersecurity Manager , City of Greensboro Water Resources Department : Combining the Human Resources of Operational Technology and Information Technology

Ed Rios , CyberSpace Operations Consulting, Inc. : Vulnerabilities to the Undersea Communications Cable

Jack Moyer, Water Security and Preparedness Area Market Sector Leader , AECOM : The Important Role of Business Continuity Planning in Resiliency and Sustainability

Jeffrey Goetz , FLUOR : Risk Mitigation through Operational Sustainability

Brigitte Taylor , BAH : Augmented Reality for Resilience – Restoring Power to Critical Infrastructure

Emerging Exponentially Growing Technologies
Session Chair: Ricardo Rato, ISQ

Tim Bottger , GenesisTEK : The Future use of Natural Bio-Composite Materials

Stephen Strain, Jason McMahon , AECOM : Innovation in Data Collection Using Mobile Handheld Laser Technology

Olga Savchuk , Instituto Superior Técnico : Application Machine Learning ForEnergy Systems

Rohit Goyal , BAH : Urban Air Mobility (UAM) – Weather and Climate Influence

Darshan Divakaran , NC Department of Transportation : Drones are Enhancing

Eliza Harrison, Lucy Best, Emily Kian , Phyta, Inc. : Seaweed Cultivation as a Strategy for Food Security, Marine Conservation, and Biodegradable Plastics

Yuan Yao, Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science and Engineering , NC State University : Using Life Cycle Analysis to Understand the Sustainability of Emerging Technologies and Guide Research and Technology Development

Day 4: Friday, October 26, 2018

Environmental Sustainability Support Activities
Session Chair: Denise Thaller, Director of the Environmental Management Division (EMD), NASA HQ
Co Chair: Al Sorkin, ITB

Denise Thaller , NASA, HQ : Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth

Ana Rita Silva , University of Minho : Toxic impact of nanomaterials used in chemical and biological processes for wastewater decontamination

Steven Tulevech , University of North Carolina : Life Cycle Assessment: A Multi-Scenario Case Study of a Low-Energy Industrial Building in Thailand

Emily Bailey, Ph.D , Duke University : Microbial Quality of Reclaimed Water to Meet North Carolina Type 2 Performance for Potable Reuse

Vincent Bonifera , BAH : Sustainability and the Department of Defense

Zachary Hendren , RTI International : Novel Technologies for Water Reuse & Resource Recovery